A qualified professional, expert in Palmistry & Astrology




I am a professional Palmist and Astrologer with true expertises and international repute. I am dedicated to people in achieving their personal life goals, and improving their lives with my professional guidance, for the last 12 years. People from all over the world including India, Australia, America & Canada are taking benefit from my professional services and making their lives better.




In my hand there are several signs of fame, success & naturally gifted skills in occultist sciences. I have a clear Solomon’s ring (a proven and renown sign of being a true palmist/Astrologer), Girdle of Sun (A rare sign of success, fame and popularity) a Star on the mount of Sun (Again a rear sign of success, fame and popularity among people), a fork at the end of brain line, (A sign of a mental sharpness and intelligence), dual Sun line (A sign of fame and success in two professions) and lines of international travelling & business partnerships.




As per my date, place & time of birth, my lagna or time ascendant is Capricorn, my janma rasi or Moon sign is Gemini, and my star or sun sign is Taurus. In my natal horoscope (birth chart) Sun is placed in Taurus, Moon is placed in Gemini, Mercury is also placed in Gemini, Mars is placed in Pisces, Venus is sitting with Saturn, Rahu has the Trine of Jupiter and Mars has the Trine of Venus.



I am qualified as "Master of Business Administration" (MBA) in marketing sciences, from Allama Iqbal Opne University (AIOU).




I had keen interest in occultist sciences since my boyhood. My first focus was Palmistry and later I got interested in Astrology because of its extended range of making predictions. I have been studying, learning, exploring, researching and practicing Palmistry & Astrology for many years and have also taken professional education of both of these two fascinating subjects form very renowned and authentic sources.



I still remember how I started to learn Palmistry. My inspiration was a second cousin of mine, whose some of the predictions surprisingly proved true about my family. This developed my interest in palmistry and I bought an ordinary book on the subject in Urdu language. While reading the book I found certain clues about lines, marks and shapes of hand, which encouraged me to study further details about the science of palmistry. Then taking proven information from the renowned palmists’ books, discussing the subject with professionals, taking education about the subject, doing case studies with professionals, applying my own observation, and years of practical experience has helped me to grasp these subjects expertly.

Now not only do I read Hands & Horoscopes with good skill, but also offer online/offline courses of Palmistry & Astrology to passionate students. But Palmistry & Astrology are very fascinating subjects with such a great deal to offer, that I still believe that the ability to read Hand & Horoscope can be further enhanced.



In my 12 years professional career I have read the Hands & Horoscopes of numerous people of the world and made many accurate personal, national & international predictions, which helped me to lift the image of Palmistry & Astrology in public, which is my primary goal. Further I am also transferring my knowledge to some passionate students, who are making use of this knowledge for their personal and professional purposes. 




1. Verbal consultancy is an instant or same day reading of my client's Hand & Horoscope, on the date of his payment or visit. In this kind of consultancy I read the Hands of my client (In case of direct visit)  and make his Horoscope/Zaicha/ Kundli, from his date, place & time of birth.


My verbal consultancy is a 60 minutes session in which for the 1st half of 30 minutes, I give my own reading on the life of my client, and 2nd half of 30 minutes is for questions & answers, in which my client can ask as many question as he can, which I instantly answer, and also guide him in the areas he wants guidance.


2. Written consultancy is a delayed reading of my client's Hand & Horoscope, in after dates of his payment or visit. This is the most professional approach towards Palmistry & Astrology reading and also the best way of counselling, guiding and helping people in solving their life problems. You will hardy find any Palmist or Astrologer providing written consultancy, because no Palmist or Astrologer takes the risk and trouble of writing about 50 pages on the life of his client, but I do. 

In this kind of consultancy I make handprints of the both hands of my client (In case of direct visit) and note his birth details like date, month, year, place & time of birth, to make his Horoscope/Zaicha/Kundli, and then give him a delivery date on which he receives a detailed written note on his complete life. 

After the in-depth study of palm lines and planetary situation, I prepare a detailed note on the complete life of my client, which also includes my client's past events and mistakes, present circumstances and future opportunities and threats, with complete counselling and guidance, on the every aspect of his life. I also guide my client professionally that how he can avail his future opportunities and avoid his future threats of life.



For the past many years I have gathered a large proven data on Palmistry and Astrology and currently converting that data into a valuable book on Astro-Palmistry, which will reveal the true secrets of these ancient knowledge.




I truly believe that I still have a lot to achieve in my career but as far now, most of my personal, national & international predictions have proven true and have been praised by the people who either consulted me for their personal problems, or just happened to read my predictions. I have done Live shows on television and have also written in Urdu & English newspapers. Further my interviews and predictions have been published in local and foreign newspapers, including an exclusive interview in Indian newspaper Mid-day on the assassination of "Benazir Bhutto" which was most likely to my prediction about her.