For all stars from Aries to Pisces

have started a series of making zodiac monthly forecast, which you can read in Family Magazine (Nawa-I-Waqt) every month.


  • Predictions are made adopting the western method of progression astrology.

  • My predictions are based on my knowledge of astrology and my aim is not to please or displease any reader.

  • Only 80% of individuals will have the full effect of my predictions. (Because of different planetary positions and aspects in individuals' personal horoscopes)

  • Predictions accuracy here is expected to be 60 to 80% in most cases. (Because of different planetary positions and aspects in individuals' personal horoscopes)

  • If you are interested in getting your detailed personal predictions, with accuracy rate of above 80%, you can contact me with full confidence to avail my paid services.
  • Those who are born under cups, means 1st or last date of any zodiac month, will have the effect of nearly 50% of my predictions, and remaining 50% will be in the last (in case of born on the 1st of any zodiac month) or next (in case of born on the last of any zodiac month) sun sign/zodiac sign.

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Your September 2010 Forecast

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